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Running is our passion


Different reasons inspire different people to begin their love affair with running. But what most would agree on, is how hard it can be in the beginning. Long, lonely runs can be tough for the mind and soul if you’re doing it by yourself. It’s hard to stay motivated and it’s also difficult to improve your distances and times on your own. One of the many joys of getting involved with Striders is the chance to share your passion with other like minded people. We offer beginners and the more experienced runner, a sound training program, a great club coach/captain, wonderful friendship, support and a wealth of knowledge from long time members.
Just because you’re joining a running club, it doesn’t mean you’re planning an assault on a marathon. You will be able to find people of varying abilities at Striders. You will have plenty of fellow runners around you in training to help you along the way when those long runs become formidable and you’ll have your own cheer leading team by your side to applaud your every move.
Talking to someone who has run a couple of marathons is better than studying tons of running mags. It’s only when you hear the reality, the painful lessons learnt, their highs and lows, that you come to understand how your club members can help you with your training. They love to share tips, advice, horror stories, PBs, race day experiences and injury advice. So make the most of the camaraderie and learn from it. At Striders we provide that environment. It’s also good to gauge your progress in a group, to see where you sit in the pecking order.
The knowledge that a group of fellow runners are meeting at the same place every week and waiting for you, can be powerful motivation. Let’s face it, when the weather is unpleasant, its raining cats and dogs or it’s howling a gale, not everyone wants to run. But if you’re motivated by a feeling of obligation because you know your fellow club mates will be running and are more than likely going to call you out for being a ‘sissy’, then our club can work for you.
We also have a small but well equipped gym for those recovering from injury or wanting an extra workout before or after the run.
We hope that this bit of info speaks to the runner in you.